Having problems with your Landlord. We will help you protect your Tenant Rights.

If you are renting a property it is important to protect your Tenant Rights. Your rights as a tenant include landlord repairs. The Landlord and Tenant Act gives a Tenant Rights and makes the landlord responsible to carry out repairs. We will advise as to your rights as a tenant and we can help get you compensation and ensure your landlord repairs the property properly.

  • Heating

    • Central heating
    • Boiler broken
    • No hot water
    • Leaking pipe
  • Damp

    • Walls
    • Celings
    • Window frames
  • Roof

    • Missing tiles
    • Leaks

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Compensation for repair delays and Tenant Rights

As well as enforcing your Tenant Rights we can also get compensation for you. If your landlord fails to repair the property in a reasonable time then you can be compensated for the upset, inconvenience and any losses caused by damp or other damage due to disrepair. You have the same rights regardless of whether you receive housing benefit or pay rent directly. The landlord cannot refuse to repair or suggest the tenant has no rights to repair where your tenancy is subject to the Landlord and Tenant Act. Most Council, Housing Association and other tenants have full rights under the act. The landlord’s excuses or delays are a breach of the Act.

Get specialist advice

• We will be happy to come and see you at home
• We’ll talk to you in plain English
• We will help you to get your Landlord to carry out the repairs
• In most instances landlords are responsible for repairs

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