Eviction Rent Arrears

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Is your home at danger from your mortgage lender or Landlord? Don’t wait to until it’s too late to act. Stop the Eviction notice due to Rent Arrears!

Is your landlord taking legal action for your non payment of rent?

  • We may be able to help you stop an eviction notice.
  • We may be able to help you stay in your house.
  • We will assess your case for free.


If you are unable to pay your rent your landlord may try to get you evicted and seek possession of the house. We can often help you to stop that eviction notice and stay in your house.

Your landlord cannot just make you leave the house, they will need to follow a legal procedure and get a court order. If they attempt to make you leave without a court order they may be breaking the law.

The process varies depending on the type of tenancy that you hold but generally the steps for your landlord to evict you are:

  • Firstly they must send you a written warning which is called a notice to quit or a notice seeking possession.
  • You must be sent court papers.
  • If your landlord can prove that you have broken your tenancy agreement by non-payment the court will issue a possession order followed by warrant of possession.
  • Finally you will be sent a notice of eviction by the bailiffs


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