Debt Recovery

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We offer Debt Recovery services by experienced debt recovery lawyers.

Dont let your debtors’ excuses become your problem. If someone owes you money we can help. If you instruct Peasegoods to assist you it can be a sobering experience for your debtor.

We provide the following services

Letters before action and, where appropriate, a “letter only” service, the issue and service of proceedings, entering default judgments, enforcement of judgments, using a variety of means.

You may be surprised how a letter from Peasegoods can cause debtors’ excuses to evaporate.

Court proceedings can be an effective means to recover your debt although it is not always necessary to commence court action.

Taking matters further

Please provide brief details in the contact form; e.g. amount owed, who the debtor is, what for and we will return with an indicative fixed fee with no obligation.