Burn, Scald or Scar Injuries

Burn, scold or scar

Burn, Scald or Scar Injuries arising from accidents can be very serious and, if the accident was not your fault and happened in the last three years, it can result in compensation.

A Duty of Care

All offices, factories, shops and restaurants have a duty of care to provide a safe environment. Some injuries are unavoidable but in many cases accidents occur because a member fo staff has not followed a company’s own procedures to do regular inspections, maintain equipment or clean up spillages. Very often the injuries sustained in such accidents have adverse consequences for life. All public and private organisations owe a duty of care to ensure all visitors to premises are safe.

Causes of Burn, Scald or Scar Injuries

Burn, Scald or Scar Injuries are generally caused by flames, hot liquids, steam and other heat sources however they can also be caused by untraviolet light, chemicals or radiation.

How we can help

Peasegoods have specialist solicitors experienced in handling claims from most forms of burns, scald and scarring accidents.